The Clay-Union foundation is a 501c3 non-profit, and our mission is to help youth. We have 2-3 fundraising events each year, and donations make up the bulk of our budget. The Clay County commissioners fund the program, as well as donations from private, civic and social organizations.   

Local support is critical, and your monetary support means we can continue to reach youth and young adults.

Ways to donate

 An easy electronic draft is available, with a minimum of $5 a month, which coupled with many others, can make a huge difference in our budget.  Feel free to call us at 605-356-2351 to learn more about the ACH form, and the ease of being a monthly donor.

Write a donation payable to Clay-Union foundation, Inc. and mail it to P.O, Box 731, Elk Point, SD 57025.  All donations are fully tax deductible to the extent of the law.  All donations in any amount are welcome.

Include the Clay-Union foundation in you will, insurance proceeds or other annuity income. One percent now can help our program invest in the future of our children. and you have the peace of mind, knowing you helped make it happen!

Donate grain or livestock, designate the amount of grain, before it sold, and ask them to send the proceeds to the Clay-Union foundation, Inc.   Even a small amount 10-20 bushels of corn,wheat, oats or soybeans really is appreciated.  Southeast farmers, AGP in Vermillion and Akron coop will be glad to assist you.

Consider donating proceeds from land rental, or other rental income. Again, even one percent now is a great way of ensuring the future of our children can be bright.

Set up a scholarship endowment

We would be glad to assist you in establishing an endowed   community service scholarship in your family, farm or business name. Each time the award is given, it is presented in your name, or that of a loved one. This is  a great way to give tribute to someone, and it’s easy to begin the process. Please email to learn more about establishing an endowed scholarship in Clay or Union county.


Donate now via PayPal




Have $50 donated on your behalf when you buy or sell property

E-mail John Herrity at Herrity & Associates, Inc. and let him know about this offer on the Clay-Union Foundation site! E-mail here.

If the above link doesn't work, for example, if you are using web-based e-mail such as Yahoo, simply compose your own e-mail and kindly put "Property Purchase/Sell Inquiry Referral from Clay-Union Foundation" in the Subject Line. Thank you!


We greatly appreciate your continued support in our efforts to help youth in Clay and Union County!





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